Stop stumbling through the process, wondering if there's hope.

As a wife, you need to know the truth, be heard, and see a plan for healing. As a husband, you need to know how to hold her pain, practice empathy and rebuild her trust. We'll show you how.

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The healing process is messy and hard to navigate. With levity and practicality, we'll help you avoid the pitfalls and expedite the process of recovery.


When the mocha hit the fan at our house, it felt like we were in a freefall – grasping at just about anything as a hand-hold. Books, accountability groups, support groups, counseling, workshops, intensives, inpatient programs; where were we supposed to start? And what were we supposed to do next?

After 12+ years in the process, helping thousands of people along the way, we’ve identified the key challenges that couples face in restoring their marriage and the best ways to get through them.


A little more about us –

In my former life, I worked as a Physical Therapist.  I was so crazy about it, I even went back to school for a doctorate in PT.  As Jason shelley_headshotand I started to get traction in our journey, I heard that still small voice telling me to let the career go and chase after helping wives with a similar story.  It was hard to release my grip and in 2012, I finally let go.  Today, I’m an encourager to women and mom to three sweet boys.  I write at RL for Women and my first book, Rescued, was published in 2015. I also create a safe place for women to work toward wholeness and healing by facilitating support groups both locally in Denver and over the phone.  Today I’m confident I’m right where I’m supposed to be.


My undergrad degree in Finance from the University of Oklahoma was put to use for a brief stint in the corporate world at companies like Arthur Jason_HeadshotAndersen, Blockbuster Video and Interstate Batteries. Then I blew up our lives. A few years into our healing journey I knew I was called to help other people, so I went to Denver Seminary and got a Masters in Counseling. Today I am a private practice counselor, have the privilege of teaching the Every Mans Battle workshops across the country and regularly co-hosting New Life Live Radio heard daily by over 2,000,000 people. My first book, Worthy of Her Trust came out in 2014.


MODULE #1 - Foundations

The first module includes 5 videos (over 90 minutes of instruction).  You’ll hear our story and we’ll look at the elements necessary to lay a strong foundation for the journey ahead.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • Why the wife isn’t at fault for the betrayal.
  • Recommended books, filters & workshops.
  • Why support is so important for both husbands and wives and how to find it.
  • The Trauma Approach vs. the Codependency Model.
MODULE #2 - The Whole Truth

In this module we’ve included 3 videos (72 minutes of instruction). We’re dealing with full disclosure and how to navigate life in the aftermath.

Some of the topics discussed include:

  • How a husband can prepare for full disclosure.
  • Does the wife get a say on how much detail is given?
  • When full disclosure is unnecessary.
  • How to handle memories that come to mind after the full disclosure.
  • What to do if there’s a slip/relapse.
  • How a wife can best love herself both during and after disclosure.
  • How a husband can start to learn to give empathy to his wife.
MODULE #3 - Riding the Roller Coaster

Module #3 includes 4 videos (over 76 minutes of instruction). We talk about the grieving process and the crazy, roller coaster of emotions that a couple goes through.

Specifically we’ll give guidelines regarding:

  • Making sure a husband doesn’t hijack his wife’s process.
  • What it looks like for a wife to work through the grieving process.
  • What guys can do when it feels like an interrogation.
  • How anger is appropriately expressed and helpful to the process.

We've included 3 exclusive bonus Whiteboard Session videos

  • #1
    #1 - Data v. Emotion

    How to navigate the conversation when the facts don’t line up.

    For so many men, when the facts don’t line up and their wife’s emotion is escalating, they try harder to prove their point. Somewhere in the conversation it moves from empathy to exoneration and the conversation ends with no real resolution.

    In this video I’ll draw a quick diagram to show how this dynamic works and what to do about it so the conversations can actually help rather than hurt.

  • #2
    #2 - Spring Loaded

    Distance = Safety

    This one explains the back-and-forth, crazy feeling that most wives experience, and thus a husband as well. We’ll also look at a couple of key indicators for long term relational recovery.

  • #3
    #3 - Grieving Boat

    For men in recovery, there’s a grieving process. When we leave our old life behind, sometimes we get hit by the wake of our poor choices.

    In this video we’ll talk about what it takes to maintain integrity when the waves hit, and where we find the highest risk of relapse.

Who is this for?

People who have experienced sexual betrayal and are looking for practical guidance for restoration.

For Men - who are looking for a roadmap and a picture of what to expect, along with tools for fixing the damage you've caused.

For Couples at Critical Mass - in the tornado of discovery or disclosure and looking for insight, wisdom and practical next steps.

For Couples a Few Steps Down the Road - who are past the crisis and are now trying to find a new normal.

For Wives - who are trying to find hope when the future looks dark

If you're looking for honest guidance from a couple who has been through betrayal and found freedom on the other side, we can help.

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HELP & HOPE Guarantee

When we set out to complete this course, we both agreed that we want everyone going through the painful journey of betrayal to have the best information presented in the most authentic way. These videos are not only built around the training and experience we have helping couples, but also our personal experience. If you decide this course is not helpful and you don’t walk away with hope we’ll gladly refund your money. The most important thing to us is that you are investing in what helps you.

Q's we can A

What types of "betrayal" will this course help with?

This course is borne out of our story and covers the gamut of sexual integrity issues. Whether fantasy, pornography, strip clubs, prostitutes, physical affairs or emotional affairs this course is designed to help.

Will I have access to all the videos at once?

Yes! You’ll have instant access to all 4+ hours of video as soon as you register. You’ll also be able to download the workbook which includes all the key takeaways, scripture and discussion questions. In addition, you’ll be notified any time a new video is posted.

Is the advice you're giving Christ centered?

Absolutely! We’re approaching this with God at the center of the relationship, and using the Biblical model of men as servant leaders, paving the way for marital restoration.

Will this replace counseling?

No. This course is not intended to replace your counselor. It is intended to augment and add to what you are already receiving. Our hope is to function more as a mentor couple. Hopefully we can help you avoid some of the pitfalls we fell into, and also to accelerate your process where we ended up dragging it out.

Can we use this course as a curriculum for our church group?

We would love that! We only ask that you contact us before you begin. We would like to be available for questions and any help we can give in the structure and format of the group.


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